Fund Insights

Innovative ideas from our fund selection specialists


Fund Insights is a unique proposition designed by ADCB Asset Management to familiarize clients with our meticulously researched, rigorously analysed and deeply understood focus list of mutual funds. A balanced, multi-asset class approach to investing is the keystone of ADCB Asset Management’s investment philosophy. While we realise that our clients understand, at a conceptual level, the notion of diversification and agree that they should not ‘to put all eggs in one basket’, they often find the process of selecting mutual funds and designing diversified portfolios to be quite over-whelming. Fund Insights is designed and intended to simplify this process and to guide investors towards a condensed universe of our highest conviction funds.

Any investment, regardless of the level of diligence and research, has an element of investment risk. Always consult with your Investment Advisor or Relationship Manager to ensure suitability before entering into an investment transaction.