ADCB Managed Funds

Locally managed, offshore domiciled


ADCB has achieved an enviable track record over more than 10 year of actively managing UAE equities, having launched the ADCB UAE Equity Fund (formerly Al Nokhitha Fund) in 2005. Our innovative approach to product development resulted in the launch of the regions first index funds, the ADCB MSCI UAE Index Fund and the ADCB Arabian Index Fund. Both index strategies offer a low cost, low turnover, low tracking error alternative to actively managed strategies.​

Since 2014, our managed funds have been domiciled in Luxembourg as public UCITS available to investors around the world.

Any investment, regardless of the level of diligence and research, has an element of investment risk. Always consult with your Investment Advisor or Relationship Manager to ensure suitability before entering into an investment transaction.